Bikes for war orphans from Ukraine

After 5 years of Bike Helps activity, the campaign is run as an international project. Together, with cyclists from around the world, we cycle for children / war orphans from Ukraine.

Thanks to establishing cooperation with Dzieci Niebiańskiego Legionu group from Ukraine, in June, on the occasion of Choldren's Day, we handed over the first 20 bikes to children / war orphans from Ukraine.

In 2019, in BIKE HELPS, we plan to cycle 20 million kilometres together, involving cyclists from around the world. 

Everything depends on YOU. Promote the action!


We rely on social trust in the cyclists participating in our action. Therefore, we allow you to enter the kilometers traveled directly on our website. It is a tribute to those who do not have or do not like bicycle applications. If you want to enter more than 300 kilometers, please divide the distance.

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We have experience and a band of friendly cyclists

ARKA ecological foundation has considerable experience in organizing such events. Within 5 years of Bike Helps campaign we have managed to distribute over 221 bicycles to children.

We can do it!


Grupa Kęty

Dzieci Niebiańskiego Legionu

Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Bielska-Białej i Podbeskidzia